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Black Fashion


Me in my home preparing to take one of the first pictures on my Instagram page.

   I am Latasha Townes the founder, owner, and CEO of ZoDain. A fashion brand started June 25, 2020 in the mist of the pandemic. ZoDain came to me in a dream one night. Yes you heard that right a dream. My husband, and I was at an exciting event. We were dressed  to impress, and I had an team of all black assistants with us. As the dream goes on I realize the event is mine, and it's for my fashion brand called ZoDain. Long story short the next day when I woke up. I told my husband, and started building my dream into reality. It took me sometime but I finally launched my site. Since opening online I have sold my brand in the USA, and two other countries. My company is still in the process of growing, and I have a long way to go. But I am so happy to be in the running for possible success.

Black Fashion 

   Fashion is something that is huge amongst the African American people. For centuries we have inspired many designs in the fashion world even if we were not credited for it. Fashion in the music industry is one of today's biggest influences. When it comes to fashion do's and don'ts look to the music industry. A lot of fashion brands wouldn't be what they are today if it wasn't for hiphop artists shooting them out, or just simply wearing the label. I believe our collective of loud colors, wild styles mixed with hot beats, and unbelievable lyrics all contribut to the fashion industry today. Social media tells us who is making these fashion statements, and African American people play a big part in the show.

Making waves

   Black Fashion brands are popping up all over the internet every day with one goal in mind. To succeed at all costs. In the wake of the pandemic African American families were amongst the ones who were hit the worst financially. A lot of us are using our once hobbies to create amazing fashion brands that will one day change the face of the industry. I hope to be part of the few who succeed, and stand the test of time. My goal is to turn ZoDain into a household name. One that people will love of all races. But for now I am reaching out to my community to bring my influence to the forefront. A lot of us is using fashion to try, and create generational wealth for our love ones. In many Black families generational wealth is something that is not taught. We have to grow up, and learn this for ourselves.  One reason is our parents most likely lived a childhood where they were not given lots of opportunities if any to learn about money. With that being said how are they going to pass these unknown untaught lessons to their children. With social media playing a big part of today's culture. We have a chance to create business, and learn how to make money work for us.


   Buy black is trending. But is it here to stay? Will people keep advocating for black brands to succeed, or is it simply another quick trend. We all want to be part of the come up that the internet so helpfully provides us. But how long will it all last. Black fashion brands including myself use this tag to show our alliance with black brands in our niche, and more. We want to be looked at, and recognized as simply a fashion label like everyone else. But we know the support from our race means lots of opportunities with in the black communities. So we start there first. My dream is to walk with the Louis Vuitton's, and Versaces of the world like any fashion designer. We want the recognition we deserve for creating something the world loves. So will buy black stay trending, or will it eventually die out with all the rest.










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